Advanced Researcher

The Augmented Researcher: AI in the Scholarly Publishing

Who is an augmented researcher? Scholarly publishing has changed considerably in recent years. Perhaps the biggest transformation is one we now take for granted – the move to digital. — Read on
AI rewrites the world

Artificial Intelligence New Text Generator Writes Like a Human

GPT-2’s training data is scraped from the internet, but with a twist: researchers scraped from outbound Reddit links that had more than three upvotes. — Read on
Benefits of Collaborative Drug Discovery in European Region 1

Benefits of Collaborative Drug Discovery in European Region

A collaborative drug discovery has  several benefits That are described by European Lead Factory in the publication “Seeding tomorrow’s priority medicines”. — Read on:’s-priority-medicines
Medical Imaging Medical Grants Pervushina & Partners

Future of Medical Imaging, JACR December 03, 2018

In this article McKinsey (McKinsey & Company, New York, New York) reports about start-ups and trends shaping the future of medical imaging. — Read on
Biggest Medthech Revenue Generators

The Top 10 Biggest Medtech Revenue Generators in 2018

According to the full year results, the top increase in 2018 revenue was recorded  by following biggest players in the medtech industry: Abbott Becton Dickinson Cardinal Health GE Healthcare J&J Medtronic Philips Roche Siemens Healthineer Stryke — Read on
Blood cells

A New Type of Blood Vessels in Human Bones

We often think of bone as something that is structurally solid, especially its hard outer layer, called cortical bone. But it is not true! — Read on