CRISPR Updates

Genome engineers made more than 13,000 CRISPR edits in a single cell: MIT Technology Review A team at George Church’s Harvard lab wants to redesign species with large-scale DNA changes. — Read on www.technologyreview.com/s/613179/genome-engineers-made-more-than-13000-crispr-edits-in-a-single-...
Advanced Researcher

The Augmented Researcher: AI in the Scholarly Publishing

Who is an augmented researcher? Scholarly publishing has changed considerably in recent years. Perhaps the biggest transformation is one we now take for granted – the move to digital. — Read on www.rdmag.com/article/2018/01/augmented-researcher-what-does-2018-hold-ai-publishing
AI rewrites the world

Artificial Intelligence New Text Generator Writes Like a Human

GPT-2’s training data is scraped from the internet, but with a twist: researchers scraped from outbound Reddit links that had more than three upvotes. — Read on singularityhub.com/2019/03/07/openais-eerily-realistic-new-text-generator-writes-like-a-human/
Benefits of Collaborative Drug Discovery in European Region 1

Benefits of Collaborative Drug Discovery in European Region

A collaborative drug discovery has  several benefits That are described by European Lead Factory in the publication “Seeding tomorrow’s priority medicines”. — Read on: www.europeanleadfactory.eu/news-events/seeding-tomorrow’s-priority-medicines
Medical Imaging Medical Grants Pervushina & Partners

Future of Medical Imaging, JACR December 03, 2018

In this article McKinsey (McKinsey & Company, New York, New York) reports about start-ups and trends shaping the future of medical imaging. — Read on www.jacr.org/article/S1546-1440(18)31282-1/fulltext