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What is the Median Age of the World Populations?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation published their annual letter that highlights the surprises they saw in 2018. Among many other compelling facts, the letter pointed out one surprise that  seems to be of particular interest: the median age of the African continent is just 18 years old.— Re...
Patient talk

Coordinating your care | Medicare

Medicare works with health care providers to be sure they have the resources and information needed to coordinate your care. Coordinated care helps make sure you get the right care at the right time in the right setting. Medicare’s coordinated care programs include: Accountable Care Organizations...

The World’s largest economy 2030 overtaks the US

The world in 2030. A Global Research article discussing the fast growth of China and India’s economies. — Read on
Gen Editig 2018

Crispr: The human being controls his own evolution/Crispr: Der Mensch steuert seine eigene Evolution | ZEIT ONLINE

Gene Editing 2018 Künftig kann der Mensch sein Ergbut so effizient wie nie verändern. Möglich macht das eine revolutionäre Gentechnik: Crispr/Cas9. — Read on