New Medical Device Regulation 745/2017 (MDR)

Open Letter on the Implementation and Readiness Status of the New Medical Device Regulation 745/2017 (MDR) Critical review of the new Medical Device Regulation from Medtech Europe. Source:  

Artificial Intelligence: Who is Responsible if an Algorithm is Mistaken (in German)

Intelligente Maschinen fällen in heiklen Fragen oft präzisere Urteile als das geschulte Fachpersonal. Doch wer ist verantwortlich, falls etwas schiefgeht? Read more:

Interoperability of Electronic Health Records in Europe: Facilitating Cross Border Cooperation | EEHR

Have you heard of European electronic health records (EEHR) exchange format yet? — Read on

San Francisco startup raises $6.75 million for remote health monitoring

The company was founded last year and has developed technology that analyzes data from a combination of clinical and commercial devices to monitor and track the health status of patients at home. — Read on
Food and Drug Administration

FDA: Digital Health Policy for Prescription Drug Pricing

New prescription drug-use related software proposed by FDA will help companies and develop an efficient pathway to help increase safety and effectiveness. Read on:

EU News: Tender for Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) and Clinical Decision Support Tools (CDSTs)

European Reference Network: Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) and other Clinical Decision Support Tools (CDSTs) — Read on;eTenderingPublic=0kVGmcqTLa8xpic1H9nFAzo1BcwyFyk7G_CUr0-QG7ag_XNCvGqM!629740168
New Horizons Medical Grants Pervushina & Partners

Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning for Medical Records and Images

Brigham and Women’s to apply deep learning to medical records and images Hospitals say the AI method is in use today automating things humans do well but don’t have the time for – and there’s much more to come.     Read on:
Food and Drug Administration

Software as a Medical Device: FDA Update in May 2018

Until May 31, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has open for comment from the public a proposal for precertification of software as a medical device. Its 17-page proposal is located at