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New WHO Guideline on Digital Healthcare

The key aim of the following  guideline of World Health Organisation (WHO) is to present recommendations based on a critical evaluation of the evidence on emerging digital health interventions that are contributing to health system improvements, based on an assessment of the benefits, harms, ac...
Advanced Researcher

The Augmented Researcher: AI in the Scholarly Publishing

Who is an augmented researcher? Scholarly publishing has changed considerably in recent years. Perhaps the biggest transformation is one we now take for granted – the move to digital. — Read on www.rdmag.com/article/2018/01/augmented-researcher-what-does-2018-hold-ai-publishing
Patient talk

Coordinating your care | Medicare

Medicare works with health care providers to be sure they have the resources and information needed to coordinate your care. Coordinated care helps make sure you get the right care at the right time in the right setting. Medicare’s coordinated care programs include: Accountable Care Organizations...

Interoperability of Electronic Health Records in Europe: Facilitating Cross Border Cooperation | EEHR

Have you heard of European electronic health records (EEHR) exchange format yet? — Read on www.himssconference.org/updates/interoperability-electronic-health-records-europe-facilitating-cross-border-cooperation
Food and Drug Administration

FDA: Digital Health Policy for Prescription Drug Pricing

New prescription drug-use related software proposed by FDA will help companies and develop an efficient pathway to help increase safety and effectiveness. Read on: www.natlawreview.com/article/significant-fda-digital-health-policy-development-prescription-drug-sponsors
Data Interoperability

The White House: Health Data Interoperability in the US

Working session on 4 December  at the White House. Focus was Health Data Interoperability with a Security and Privacy breakout. Read on: https://www.politico.com/newsletters/morning-ehealth/2018/12/04/interoperability-day-at-the-white-house-439510 Image source: LinkedIn
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German Govermental Investments for Artificial Intelligence in 2019: €3B (in German)

Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) in 2019 KI: Bundesregierung will drei Milliarden investieren — Read on https://www.handelsblatt.com/politik/deutschland/digitalisierung-bundesregierung-will-milliarden-in-ki-investieren-und-den-usa-und-china-zuvorkommen/23626960.html?ticket=ST-948827-RNIYuRhnUTIMXVx...

Innovations: Automatic Transcription

Thinking out loud is often less arduous than writing. And it’s now easier than ever to combine the two, thanks to recent advances in speech recognition technology. — Read on medium.com/descript/overcoming-writers-block-with-automatic-transcription-f85bbb30eda6