Advanced Researcher

The Augmented Researcher: AI in the Scholarly Publishing

Who is an augmented researcher? Scholarly publishing has changed considerably in recent years. Perhaps the biggest transformation is one we now take for granted – the move to digital. — Read on
AI rewrites the world

Artificial Intelligence New Text Generator Writes Like a Human

GPT-2’s training data is scraped from the internet, but with a twist: researchers scraped from outbound Reddit links that had more than three upvotes. — Read on

Artificial Intelligence: Who is Responsible if an Algorithm is Mistaken (in German)

Intelligente Maschinen fällen in heiklen Fragen oft präzisere Urteile als das geschulte Fachpersonal. Doch wer ist verantwortlich, falls etwas schiefgeht? Read more:
Artificial Intelligence EU

Artificial Intelligence: A European Perspective

There is strong global competition on AI among the US, China, and Europe. The US leads for now but China is catching up fast and aims to lead by 2030. For the EU, it is not so much a question of winning or losing a race but of finding the way of embracing the opportunities […]
Data Interoperability

The White House: Health Data Interoperability in the US

Working session on 4 December  at the White House. Focus was Health Data Interoperability with a Security and Privacy breakout. Read on: Image source: LinkedIn
Artificial Intelligence Medical Grants Pervushina & Partners

German Govermental Investments for Artificial Intelligence in 2019: €3B (in German)

Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) in 2019 KI: Bundesregierung will drei Milliarden investieren — Read on
Radiology beyond the machine | Healthcare IT News 1

Radiology beyond the machine | Healthcare IT News

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly permeating medical imaging, but its integration into clinical practice will depend on the capacity of AI technology to facilitate workflow. How far has radiology advanced on this path? Insights asked a leading expert to find out. — Read on

ERC Talks European Commision: LIVE

Are you ready to socialise with robots? Will democracy survive the rise of Artificial Intelligence? What impact will AI have on your job? Join our live debate with @ERC_Research grantees & ask your questions! #ERCTalks LIVE TRANSLATION: