Grants Listing and Monitoring

There are much more than 100 places where you can find international grant funding opportunities for your biomedical project. Investments in the medical and life sciences are boosting and on the internet, you will find thousands of different databases and other software products with information on funding programs. Unfortunately, many of them require a paid subscription (e.g. Foundation center) for access or are not specific enough. Our individualized information services will help you!

Information services: Searching for grants

Why you should search for the top funding opportunities using our information services

We work with the best granting institutions and companies worldwide in collaboration with European institutions.

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Based on innovative methods we provide an

Educational Support

that aims to increase access to professional learning and training in the healthcare. The expert knowledge of MGP&P is transferred during different edicational activities on scientific fundraising.


Information Services: Educational Support

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You can also benefit from our exhaustive expertise in a detailed

Grants Consulting

  • online consulting by international medical consultants
  • according to your specific global Grants Listing
  • Duration: 45 min

What will be discussed: background information and highlights of the Grants Listing, answers to your questions as well as tips and tricks

Information services: Grants Consulting

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Publishing of grants information in international databases

For public, industrial and philanthropic funders we offer a possibility of publishing of their current grants in several large european and international databases (e.g. EURAXESS)

Information services: Databases

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