Medical Grants Pervushina & Partners

Global spending on health is expected to increase to $18.28 trillion worldwide by 2040 (Lancet 2016). Therefore advisory services on sourcing for grant funding and monitoring funding opportunities are already well-known practices in the medical and life sciences. Successful accessing of biomedical funding appears still to be challenging because of the lack of structured search options worldwide and high competition among applicants. At the same time, fundraising has the potential to significantly advance education and development processes through improved competence of managers and researchers in this field ( 2017).

The latest studies clearly show that biomedical organizations and companies, as well as individual health care professionals, will definitely benefit from developing a greater understanding of the conception and practices of scientific fundraising ( 2017).

Monitoring of additional funding opportunities is an integral part of successful grant application for several international funding programmes  (e.g.  EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and EU Instrument for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). Following grants can be sourced and monitored: public, public-privat, industrial, philanthropic.

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